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Surf's up, Winds up
23 April 2010

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Lift off
26 July 2009

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Ramblas Abstract
1 January 2009

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Mihrab Ceiling
12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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Rice Planters
22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Adela Fonts on Beachy
wow! Awesome!

Elaine Hancock on Beachy
Such a gorgeous view! I wish that I was there right now! This is a spectacular image!

B. Thomas on Beachy
Peachy image.

Existence Artistique on Beachy
bien recherché

Ruthiebear on Beachy
The lone walker give a sense of size. I really like this point of view.

Marjolein on Beachy
Beautiful view We are both on the beach, you by the water and me the sand :-)

Devi on Beachy
Lovely foamy waves, soft powdery sand , beautiful water ... I wonder if that is Mrs G walking out there by the shore ...

Brockaly on Beachy
Are you in the water or doing a Canute? Nice framing.

Alun on Beachy
Very nice, good composition

omid on Beachy
such beautiful composition, perspective, colors & textures! Lovely view.

Harry on Limestone pavement
I like the rough rocks and the crashing sea. An alternate to try sometime would be long exposure, to see what the ...

B. Thomas on Limestone pavement
Beautiful ruggedness.

Elaine Hancock on Limestone pavement
A beautiful view of this rock formation. It is so interesting. The water is just gorgeous!

Adela Fonts on Limestone pavement
Awesome! Great shot!

Franz on Limestone pavement
Amazing formation! Impressive how 'nature' wears down even the hardest ...

Alun on Limestone pavement
Super shot, love the patterns in the rock

Nicou on Limestone pavement
Quelle roche et vue quel rendu et effet fantastique compo et renu sur la pierre avec ce fentes Belle soirée

Rick on Limestone pavement
A fine texture shot indeed, and the nice blue tones of the sea add extra beauty.

Existence Artistique on Limestone pavement

sherri on Limestone pavement
i didn't know limestone ever met the sea certainly a good color for that shade of blue God's color palette ...

Ruthiebear on Limestone pavement
The lines and patterns of erosion are fabulous

Steven on Limestone pavement
Eyecatching strata captured in this limestone, complemented by beautiful textures and light!!

Hiro on Limestone pavement
Wow, so gorgeous !!

omid on Limestone pavement
Amazing view !!!!

Michael Skorulski on Limestone pavement
Your fine frame shows a limestone cracked and eroded by eons of time and sea.

Harry on Cove
nice shot, though the uneven light detracts from the foreground

Elaine Hancock on Cove
The color of the water is just spectacular! A gorgeous view. This is just beautiful!

Alun on Cove
Stunning little spot, My eye have definitely gone lol.

sherri on Cove
breath taking scene oh, to be at the beach

Franz on Cove
I love the gentle curve of the cliffs and the whole scenery! That sunbather has found a truly secluded spot!

Ehsan Hemmati on Cove
I like to spend vacation in there. Great peaceful photo. Thank you for sharing.

Adela Fonts on Cove
Wonderful light show ... An excellent image...

Jeff & Pat on Cove
No I can't spot your little teaser, but just as well, I'm going for a bp test in the morning and it's ...

Rick on Playa de Poo
Cruise ships dumping their raw sewage in the sea again? ... you were wise to avoid this touriST trap !

Rick on Cove
I see her. This is a great spot for privacy and enjoying Nature. Nice framing, mister g.

Ruthiebear on Cove
I had to zoom in to find her. NOt where I expected her to be. I like the calming blue colors and the light

Steven on Cove
Mrs. G is a sunbather now??!! :-) Beautiful colors and sunlight captured here along the coastline!!

Marjolein on Cove
Yes i see them Hopefully it will remain low water; -0

Devi on Cove
Beautiful colours in the layers of water and waves here..

Existence Artistique on Cove

Hiro on Cove
very beautiful scene !

Ronnie 2¢ on Cove
Ah, I see the sunbather !

Michael Skorulski on Cove
Yes, she is well hidden. I wonder if she has to worry about an incoming tide. A charming seascape.

Nicou on Cove
Cet arbre ces fleurs jaune la petite plage de salbe les rocher la mer quel ensemble Belle journée

Harry on Playa de Poo
lookS Touristy

Elaine Hancock on Playa de Poo
With a name like that, it would probably be better to go elsewhere! Happy ST!

Nicou on Playa de Poo
Une cheminée ressort et cet édifice et quel paneau d'affichage superbe Amitié

Existence Artistique on Playa de Poo

sherri on Playa de Poo
lovely signage

Ruthiebear on Playa de Poo
HAppy ST. If you give it a go, watch where you walk!

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