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Surf's up, Winds up
23 April 2010

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Lift off
26 July 2009

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Ramblas Abstract
1 January 2009

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Mihrab Ceiling
12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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Rice Planters
22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Jeff & Pat on Moodynose
Cyw iar ??? . :>))

Devi on Moodynose
Gosh a scary image here...What will I do ? May be what you and Mrs G did :)))

sherri on Moodynose
amazing how these cliffs are formed

Michael Skorulski on Moodynose
I like the title and would have forgone the jump too.

Shaun on Moodynose
You made the right decision to walk around the sinkhole. Moodynose, I like it.

Nicou on Moodynose
Quelle roche et ces failles quel rendu sur la pierre et l'ouverture sueprbe. amitié

Ruthiebear on Moodynose
Good choice! AN intimidating point of view

Brockaly on Moodynose
Dobre den !!

Brockaly on Moodynose
Jump !! It's like 'always take the stairs' and 'never look before you leap' and 'always ...

Mhelene on Moodynose
Superb composition . I think I had refused too...!

Existence Artistique on Moodynose

dobbino on Moodynose
More guts than me, I'm afraid! Makes my tum turn just looking at it - your photo captures it perfectly.

Darkelf Photography on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Yes, I can see how it can be read both ways and thank you for bringing this up. The coastline looks just magnificent.

Elaine Hancock on Bullslaughter Bay 2
That is too funny! A wonderful view. I love those rock formations on the beach. The color of the water is gorgeous!

B. Thomas on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Well, that explains it. It did present a funny play on words.

dobbino on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Love this shot - it shows off the challenge to get to and from the beach much more clearly.

Mhelene on Bullslaughter Bay 2 wecan understand and pronounce Laughter ...Superb composition.

Nicou on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Fantastique crique et vue quelle roche et falaise le vert le blanc des vauges sueprbe Amitié

Ruthiebear on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Makes sense. ANother gorgeous point of view.

sherri on Bullslaughter Bay 2
wow, that is a beautiful place and photographed so beautifully

Shaun on Bullslaughter Bay 2
This is a very nice look at the bay. I am happy to now know now, why the bay has it's name.

Luca Bobbiesi on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Wonderful capture!

Dimitrios on Oh My Cod
fun frame OMC

Steven on Bullslaughter Bay 2
This PoV reveals a more relaxing oasis where the rocky terrain is hidden from view! I love how the towering cliffs ...

beach on Bullslaughter Bay 2
I love coastline shots. I wonder why the name.

Devi on Bullslaughter Bay 2
What a lovely cute protected spot to be in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this...bull or no bull !!

Existence Artistique on Bullslaughter Bay 2

Hiro on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Oh, God bless the testosterone !

Gérard Flayol on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Superb site, and well done

Michael Skorulski on Bullslaughter Bay 2
Interesting image with a great writeup.

B. Thomas on Bullslaughter Bay
Looks like a wonderful little beach, no matter what the name.

Elaine Hancock on Bullslaughter Bay
A wonderful view! I like how the beach is framed by the cliffs. It looks like it would be hard to get down to the ...

sherri on Bullslaughter Bay
i don't know, but i hope nobody used to slaughter cattle here it's much to beautiful for that

Devi on Bullslaughter Bay
Amazing view !!!! Must be Buul's Laughter :)) I can her them ;)

Luca Bobbiesi on Bullslaughter Bay
Wonderful shot!!!

dobbino on Bullslaughter Bay
Gotta be laughter! You really do like your heights, don't you? Again, it's the getting back up again that ...

Ruthiebear on Bullslaughter Bay
A beautiful point of view whichever it is.

Jeff & Pat on Bullslaughter Bay
Supposedly a smugglers bay Jim Lad.. Hope you went around the corner to Stack Rocks . ;>)

Shaun on Bullslaughter Bay
Very nice look at this bay. I wonder what went on there to give the bay it's name.

Steven on Bullslaughter Bay
I guess it all depends on whether you hear laughter or screaming when relaxing in this hidden enclave.

Hiro on Bullslaughter Bay
I prefer the latter. Please !

Existence Artistique on Bullslaughter Bay

Mhelene on Bullslaughter Bay
...That is the question ...! :-)... A superb composition !

Ronnie 2¢ on Bullslaughter Bay
That would make a memorable home address.

Nicou on Bullslaughter Bay
Quelle petire crique e tl plage cette roche la mer les falaise ces rochers sueprbe amitié

Michael Skorulski on Bullslaughter Bay
Excellent. One can only imagine how the bay got its name.

B. Thomas on Oh My Cod
OMC! ;-) . Happy Silly Tuesday!

Larry Bliss on Spiderman
The word I think of is vertigo...

Larry Bliss on Oh My Cod
Cod only knows... a fine pic...

Elaine Hancock on Oh My Cod
That is too funny! That is a cute little restaurant! I love the bright color! Happy ST!

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