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19 December 2014

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25 March 2017

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23 April 2010

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26 July 2009

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1 January 2009

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12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Marjolein on Soria again 4
Poeh......respect for Mrs+Ms

L'Angevine on Soria again 3

Ruthiebear on Soria again 4
Only the brave tread here. A gorgeous view but walking looks a bit hazardous.

Steven on Soria again 4
Incredible vistas to enjoy during the descent, but it looks very rocky and treacherous!!

Hiro on Soria again 4
Wonderful view !!

Shaun on Soria again 4
What a fabulous scene to admire whilst walking. Excellent image. 5*

Devi on Soria again 4
Beautiful !!! The Brave Heart is walking on the rocks!!!

Evelyne Dubos on Soria again 4
What a great walk, beautiful view!

Elaine Hancock on Soria again 3
Absolutely beautiful! Beautifully composed with the flowers in the foreground. I love all of the shades of green and ...

B. Thomas on Soria again 3
Beautiful and rugged looking. I hope you wore good hiking boots.

omid on Soria again 3
such beautiful composition & colors! Lovely flowers!

Curly on Soria again 3
It does look very rugged. This hike is not for the faint hearted.

Brockaly on Soria again 3
The yellows and the daisy things, v prit.

Adela Fonts on Soria again 3
Magnificent image again ... and the Rio Lobos Canyon. This far or near this picture today...???

Ruthiebear on Soria again 3
I like the mix of greenery and ruggedness

Devi on Soria again 3
Beautiful blossoms !!!!

Nicou on Soria again 3
Ces plantes qui pousse dans le sol arride quel pastel de couleur et roche sueprbe. Amitié

Devi on Soria again 2
ha ha ha !! There are two. A huge one and another that looks partly like gollywog( are gollywog toys available now, I ...

Mhelene on Soria again 3
Beautiful with flowers .

Hiro on Soria again 3
very nice composition

L'Angevine on Soria again 2

Martine on Soria again 3
Joli paysage avec ces belles couleurs.

Elaine Hancock on Soria again 2
The view in the distance is really beautiful. I agree with Ruthie, it does resemble a turtle with a long neck.

Curly on Soria again 2
I'm getting breathless again, but I suppose that's to be expected when amongst breathtaking scenery.

Adela Fonts on Soria again 2
Magnificent volcanic scenery. Do you know the black lagoon?...

Claudiel on Soria again 2
Special atmosphere

Ruthiebear on Soria again 2
Looks like a turtle to me. I like the view

Nicou on Soria again 2
Quelle roche et quelle forme sueprbe avec le décor en fond. amitié

farNaaz50 on Soria again 2
Beautiful. specially this one .. I love to be on that top !

farNaaz50 on Maspalomas Moon
I love whole atmosphere here .. feels me you were in another planet !

farNaaz50 on Mesh
Lovely POV for a good piece of art ..

Shaun on Soria again 2
This image seems to be causing some debate Mr G. Another very interesting look at this area.

Devi on Soria again 2
But the carrier tortoise has a somewhat human face !

Devi on Soria again 2
Exactly what I thought when I saw this ...Brockaly is right !!!!

Mhelene on Soria again 2
Superbe composition with this volcanic formation.

L'Angevine on Soria again
agréable recherche

Brockaly on Soria again 2
Sorry, been at the volcanic pipe again!

Brockaly on Soria again 2
Bonjour, c'est un tortoise with a snail on its back.

Elaine Hancock on Soria again
That path is amazingly rugged. I don't know how you do it! Mrs. G is incredible! My hat off to her!

Ruthiebear on Soria again
She is a seasoned climber! Quite a rugged terrain seen here

Brockaly on Soria again
The Good the Bad and Mrs G.

Claudiel on Mesh

Adela Fonts on Soria again
Soria is a magnificent place. I know him well and I can say that...

Nicou on Soria again
Ce personnage à côté de la pierre spéciale tout au sommet et quel décor super. ...

Devi on Soria again
wow !!! Lovely shot !! Mrs G has conquered the peak :))))))

Shaun on Soria again
This looks like some walk, but Mrs G, leads the way. Great image of this wonderful area.

L'Angevine on Mesh

Mhelene on Soria again
Superb composition . Not really a path there ...

Marjolein on Soria again
Poeh,......a whole climb, my compliments

Elaine Hancock on Mesh
This is beautiful! I love how they all interconnect. This makes a fabulous artistic display.

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