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Surf's up, Winds up
23 April 2010

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Lift off
26 July 2009

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Ramblas Abstract
1 January 2009

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Mihrab Ceiling
12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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Rice Planters
22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Rick on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Well seen AND well heard. (the little known B-side to that other tune...)

Steven on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Splendid detail captured in the veining of the leaf!! And I love the layering effect created by the shadows.

Brockaly on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Very good Otis, soon you will be making Dolmades out of dock leaves and worms.

Gérard on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Superb details !

Hiro on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Beautiful backlight shot !

omid on I saw it on the Grape Vine
such beautiful frame, focus, details, colors, lights & shadows! L O V E L Y !

Martine on I saw it on the Grape Vine
Joli jeux de lumière.

Adela Fonts on Hibiscus
I love these flowers ... and they are wet and refreshing!

Nicou on Hibiscus
Grandisoe macro quel coeur de fleur quel rendu et ces gouttes sueprbe Amitié

Ruthiebear on Hibiscus
refreshing and I love the color!

Rick on Hibiscus
A superb sunlit frame to showcase this beauty.

Steven on Hibiscus
Awesome colors, clarity and light captured here!! 5*****

Brockaly on Hibiscus
Deep colour. Close up mode?

omid on Hibiscus
such beautiful frame, colors, lights, details & drops! Lovely!

Devi on Hibiscus lovely !! I love the water droplets here !!! Great shot :)))

Mhelene on Hibiscus
Beautiful capture of the hibiscus with superb color !

Existence Artistique on Hibiscus

B. Thomas on WiFi iS ouT again
Happy Silly Tuesday!

Nicou on WiFi iS ouT again
Quelle scène et personnae âgée quelle vue devant ce portable sueprbe. Belle journée

Elaine Hancock on WiFi iS ouT again
This is juST hilarious! He almoST looks real! A great image! Happy ST!

Harry on WiFi iS ouT again
So he should use his Telepathic powers. Funny shot.

Adela Fonts on WiFi iS ouT again
Happy ST!

Chetan on WiFi iS ouT again
Perfect for a Tuesday :)

Rick on WiFi iS ouT again
Time for a cup of tea, then, damn it all. Perfectly silly imagery for the day :-)

Ruthiebear on WiFi iS ouT again
Happy ST! What a fabulous scarecrow idea!

Steven on WiFi iS ouT again
No WiFi is probably scarier for today's youth than a scarecrow could ever be for a crow!! Great capture of Mr. ...

omid on WiFi iS ouT again
Happy ST! :)))))

Devi on WiFi iS ouT again
:)))))))))))))))))))) How encouraging this looks !!!!!The tech savvy scarecrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiro on WiFi iS ouT again
Looks intereSTing !

Mhelene on WiFi iS ouT again
Superb capture ! Happy ST !

Existence Artistique on WiFi iS ouT again
superbe recherche

Brockaly on WiFi iS ouT again
I thought for a moment that Mrs G had grabbed your camera.

Ronnie 2¢ on WiFi iS ouT again
A 'scarecrow festival' ?! I learn something every day here . .

Gérard on WiFi iS ouT again
Non, il a appuyé sur une mauvaise touche avec ces gants !

Anita B. on Bunster Hill 2
Une belle vue sous un doux soleil !

Harry on Bunster Hill 2
lovely, but too much foreground distracts a bit compared to yesterdat's shot

Adela Fonts on Bunster Hill 2
Magnificent light on the green fields!

Nicou on Bunster Hill 2
Quels champs et vue quel ciel et décor superbe panorama Belle soirée

Elaine Hancock on Bunster Hill 2
The landscape is just magnificent. I love the lush green. And the sheep! It feels like you can see forever.

Rick on Bunster Hill 2
I can see forever across this dappled delight. Superb vantage point.

Ruthiebear on Bunster Hill 2
the viewpoint is fantastic

Steven on Bunster Hill 2
Stunning view with patches of sunlight that bathe the countryside in warmth!!

Mhelene on Bunster Hill 2
Beautiful composition.

Devi on Bunster Hill 2
Lovely landscape...miles and miles of green if various shades!!Lovely sky too!!!

Hiro on Bunster Hill 2
wonderful landscape !

omid on Bunster Hill 2
Lovely view !!!

Existence Artistique on Bunster Hill 2
belle vue

Harry on Bunster Hill
great light on the beautiful tolling hills

Evelyne Dubos on Bunster Hill
Beautiful view and cloudy sky.

Mhelene on Bunster Hill
Splendid composition!

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