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Surf's up, Winds up
23 April 2010

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Lift off
26 July 2009

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Ramblas Abstract
1 January 2009

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Mihrab Ceiling
12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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Rice Planters
22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Harry on Church Rock
that looks like a bottomless hole in the foreground

Elaine Hancock on Church Rock
Wonderful perspective. That sink hole looks rather deep. I like the textures of the rock and the colors.

Adela Fonts on Church Rock
Impressive scenery and a magnificent composition...

Curly on Broadhaven
Oh yes, this is a gorgeous view.

Curly on Araf
Is that arrow pointing at the boss?

Curly on Church Rock
Very impressive little stretch of coastline Grouser!

Pascale MD on Church Rock
Splendide paysage. Bonne soirée

Ruthiebear on Church Rock
I like the rugged beauty of this view

Existence Artistique on Church Rock

Nicou on Church Rock
Quelle roche quel trou et falaise et en fond le petit pic fantastique amitié

Brockaly on Church Rock
Those rocks have clearly jumped out of the hole and landed upside down in the sea!

Steven on Church Rock
Beautiful textures captured in this rock formation that now acts like a levy!

Shaun on Church Rock
Excellent image. I really like the shape of the rock out at sea.

Stephen on Araf
A STencil would make the job easier!

Stephen on Church Rock
Need to watch your step! Interesting rock formations everywhere in the frame.

Devi on Church Rock
Beautiful.. I love those chunks of rocks in water !Fossilised prehistoric animal and it's family chugging behind!

Mhelene on Church Rock
Beautiful composition and impressiv !

omid on Church Rock
such beautiful composition, colors & textures! Amazing view!

Martine on Church Rock
Des rochers très impressionnants

B. Thomas on Araf
Happy SLOW Silly Tuesday!

Elaine Hancock on Araf
They are definitely making things move slow! A great image! Happy ST!

Harry on Araf
Nice of them to signal which one of the three should be u=your target.

Adela Fonts on Araf
Ideal for a happy and crazy Tuesday!...

omid on Araf
:) Amazing!

Ruthiebear on Araf
Maybe not so Happy ST, if you are being slowed to a halt by this painting.

Steven on Araf
Great colors captured here!! I love the STreamers tied to the bridge. Happy ST!

Brockaly on Araf
The high-vis safety gear disappears against the truck -Dim Parcio to you.

Shaun on Araf
The road crew doing what they do best, slowing the traffic. Nice image of these workers.

Devi on Araf
happy Silly Tuesday. Slow and STeady ? May be :)

Mhelene on Araf
Great capture with colors on truck , men and on the bridge . Happy ST !

Existence Artistique on Broadhaven
intéressant résultat

Martine on Araf
Un dur travail pour ces hommes.

Nicou on Araf
Quel camion jaune et iamge uqel cpatage sueprbe vue. amitié

Harry on Broadhaven
nice sandy beach

omid on Broadhaven
wonderful view!

Elaine Hancock on Broadhaven
The tide must come so far in. That is amazing! A beautiful view of the beach and the surrounding landscape.

Adela Fonts on Broadhaven
A magnificent landscape and an excellent viewing point... Great shot!

Nicou on Broadhaven
Mervielleuse plage de haut les personnages sont en tout petit et ces falaises sueprbe. Amitié

B. Thomas on Broadhaven
Cool with the footprints zig zagging all over.

Ruthiebear on Broadhaven
I like the dramatic feeling given by the low light.

Steven on Broadhaven
A beautiful overlook onto the beach!! Is this whole area underwater when the tide comes in?

Devi on Broadhaven
wonderful view of the beach!!! Love the calm here !

Existence Artistique on Common Spotted Orchid
belle composition

Shaun on Broadhaven
A superb look at this beach. Very nice scene.

Brockaly on Broadhaven
Wales - Land of sand sea and clouds. Very good. I am plotting a secret trip to Tenby. (Secrets are not to be used as ...

Mhelene on Broadhaven
Very beautiful composition .

BiLL on Broadhaven
Excellent POV to capture the beach.

Elaine Hancock on Common Spotted Orchid
This is just beautiful. I have never seen an orchid like this before.

Harry on Common Spotted Orchid
I don't see the spots, but it is a pretty flower

B. Thomas on Common Spotted Orchid
I was not even going to ask, but take your word for it. Very pretty image.

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