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Surf's up, Winds up
23 April 2010

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Lift off
26 July 2009

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Ramblas Abstract
1 January 2009

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Mihrab Ceiling
12 May 2008

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Dry Dock
10 April 2008

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Rice Planters
22 February 2008

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18 February 2008

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12 January 2008

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Graffiti 1 Barcelona
11 January 2008

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Reflect once more

Existence Artistique on Reflect once more

Devi on Reflect once more
Lovely image here with the water, reflections and ripples on water !!!!

Mhelene on Reflect once more
Very beautiful ! A painting !

Gérard on Reflect once more
Once more..... superb !

MAU on Reflect again
Interesting reflections and very nice colors.

franz on Reflect again
Gorgeous colours, charming reflections!

omid on Tints
such beautiful angle, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

omid on Reflect again
such beautiful composition & colors! Lovely reflections!

Existence Artistique on Reflect again
bon travail et recherche

Brockaly on Reflect again
Brilliant capture, Should be in the Tate Mod.

Annima on Reflect again
Great lines!

rbassin on Reflect again
belle composition avec ces jolis reflets

Darkelf Photography on Tints
Beautiful colours that go so well together.

Ana Lúcia on Tints
Great angle and colors.

sherri on Tints
what a splendid image ! we did not have a pretty autumn this year and i missed it

Rick on Tints
Gorgeous complimentary tones of blue and yellow !

franz on Tints
Absolutely brilliant autumn colours and mood! I wish the sky was as blue as this right now ...

Marjolein on Tints
What a beautiful autumn colors

Mhelene on Tints
Splendid golden composition !

Existence Artistique on Tints
bien cette contre-plongée

Devi on Tints
Great overhead shot !!!!

Michael Skorulski on Tints
A lovely POV and great colors.

Jeff & Pat on Mural
That's got to be Maid Marion ?, but if it's Mrs G be careful she's very close to the shops . ;>))

Steven on Mural
Wow!! What an ornate facade with a beautiful mural!!

Mhelene on Mural
Splendid capture !!

Ruthiebear on Mural
I am glad you resented the mural in the context of the entire building. AMazing.

Rick on Mural
A great mural and I like the many layers of this image, including that section of sunlight. A good eyeful.

Devi on Mural
very delicate art work....

franz on Mural
Wow, this is definitely a facade worth seeing. I like how every storey is different!

Gérard on Mural
And Mrs G too !!!!

Existence Artistique on Mural
oh beau

Ronnie 2¢ on Mural
Such a determined intensity in getting noticed here !

Michael Skorulski on Mural
A lovely mural and great architecture.

Rick on Fountain 3
Great sunlit detail in that water !

Mhelene on Fountain 3
Beautiful enjoying the water !

Devi on Fountain 3
He is laughing !! He IS happy !!!

Ruthiebear on Fountain 3
There is a whimsical quality of the flowing water and light.

Existence Artistique on Fountain 3

Steven on Fountain 3
An excellent choice for PoV so that the falling water glistens in the sunlight!!

franz on Fountain 3
Brilliant! The lion clearly enjoys his bubbly and sparkling bath ...

Marjolein on Fountain 3
Nice the spraying water so !!

Ronnie 2¢ on Fountain 3
Well, he looks to be enjoying it . .

Michael Skorulski on Fountain 3
Super fun image. It looks like it is giving the lion a wash.

sherri on Fountain 3
very ornate i could stand at fountain for hours. they are so relaxing.

Elaine Hancock on Trying to get a head
This is quite STrange. It is actually weird! Happy ST!

Harry on Trying to get a head

Jeff & Pat on Trying to get a head
Self portrait ??? ...

Rick on Trying to get a head
STunning find, timing, hall of fame type of ST image. Kudos !!

Brockaly on Trying to get a head
They must have seen you coming.

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